Steve Lawrence Founder EEVT


A  Contracted Non Executive Director specialist in Company Growth and Funding. I sit on the board of the four organisations and have my own company East Essex Vocational Training Limited. Also as a Non Executive Director I work with several Training Companies on a Consultancy basis and also on the strategy steering committee board with a college. These posts are contracted and I am available for other posts and Consultancy work. I Edit a weekly Newsletter and Bidding information which goes out to some 4,106 plus training companies and organisations with an interest in Training and Development. Also assist and Support No Offence as an Ambassador. I also work in areas such as


Change Management and Matrix Accreditation and on Brands. I maintain a linked in Group 
Bid writing for co finance funding SFA making sure current Tenders and Bids are bid for.
• Partnership Brokerage and New Work with Colleges and Providers. 
• Checking Bids, EOI, PQQ, ITT ROTO and SLA interventions Tenders with sub contractors
• Running of the Membership Partnership and large National Employers Networks
• Compiling forward Strategy
• Project Reports 
• MATRIX Awarding Body and Accreditation specialist. 
Specialties: Group Consortium Bids, with some 37 years of Training and Development working with 
TEC, ESF, EDA, LDA, LSC SFA and NIACE. Experience in Apprentices, QCF and employ-ability for Hard to Reach and specialist requirement.

Levy and Employers and Providers and other things which all come together, so we are all informed now or are we?






















As you will see the guy is taking a picture and a person is taking a picture of him and all the other people you may even see yourself in the picture.  One person I see very clear is Lindsay McCurdy. She has for many years been working tirelessly for both quality and a fair shake for Employers, Apprentices and Providers. 

What I also see in the picture is many people having a great time celebrating doing what they all enjoy doing helping Apprentices. 

Well the Levy Guidance is out and it is a lot better than many thought it would be, also they say this is not the finale say as there will be a consultation this finishes on the 5th of September. You can do the survey for your thoughts at

I am sure you have read the details of the Levy  but you can download at: 

They have called it Proposals for apprenticeship funding in England from May 2017, and I need to read it in conjunction with the update out in October 2016 which means from that date the levy starts in April but funding is from May 2017. This is part of clarity for all so I am told.  

I then look at the guidance for the Apprentice Training Providers Registrar, this guidance says you have to be on ROTO first, then apply for the Apprenticeship Delivery on the new registrar. So this says to support this change, we plan to create a Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). Training providers must apply to join the RoATP if they want to deliver apprenticeships to any employer from May 2017. The RoATP will provide a level of assurance to employers, but employers will also want to assure themselves that a provider is suitable to deliver their apprenticeship programme. So what are the Options:

Provide 100% of the training required to just your own staff – we are proposing to class you as an employer-provider.

Provide part of the training required to your own staff and contract an external, approved training provider to deliver the rest – we are proposing to class you as an employer-provider.

Provide training to your own staff and to staff employed by others - we are proposing to class you as a provider.

If you do not wish to provide any training to your apprentices, you do not need to become an employer-provider. You will be able to select a provider to deliver the apprenticeship training on your behalf.

Then of course there is another Registrar for end Point Assessment for the Trailblazers, this is open at this time but of course this is on going. 

So as Employer I do not know the full details, but have to guess if I need to apply in October, but do not know the full details yet. Well its only about three months ahead.  So I will wait and plan then but as Ofsted, the Bank and SFA want me to have a 12 month Business plan I expect they will wait for me to do this. 

If I am a provider do i spend money on end point assessment, when I do not yet know which standards and Framework are going to be around. As they say some more are going to go by December.  Well I have clients doing this now and do I blame them NO.  As this is a way to earn back funds they will lose when paying out for the end point assessment on their own learners. 

Then we will have a simplified funding bands: They propose that the new apprenticeship funding system should have 15 funding bands, with the upper limit of these bands ranging from £1,500 to £27,000. All existing and new apprenticeship frameworks and standards will be placed within one of these funding bands. The upper limit of each funding band will cap the maximum amount of digital funds an employer who pays the levy can use towards an individual apprenticeship. The upper limit of the funding bands will also cap the maximum price that government will ‘co-invest’ towards, where an employer does not pay the levy or has insufficient digital funds and is eligible for extra support. It will be up to employers to negotiate prices with providers, within these funding limits. 

I was asked how much we need to do to  Registrar for ROTO, or the Apprentices Registrars, I said I do not know  yet as we do not know what is in them so how can I put a price on it yet.

Just like Lindsay we try to help providers but giving them clear guidance is so hard.  The cost in terms of time and applications will look like you will soon need one person who just fills in forms. Its a good job they are doing away with RED TAPE.

We also have many challenges such as some 80 Colleges with merge or even 1 or 2 may just go and also 10 that may be told they cannot deliver Apprentices. You can see from my tone I have concerns what are these well 37 years in Training and Development I have seen so many changes change does not worry me.  With 17 years with my own Company I have had many challenges  I am not fazed by this.


My concerns are these and I will only give a few; 

Small providers who deliver very good qualifications will have to much red tape and costs plus no real PR or Marketing will close down. 

Medium size providers will be taken over because they have the employers and they will also be stifled by fear of Ofsted and increased costs.  

Provision from Geographic areas will go down, and others in areas will end up with only trailblazers to deliver and will not have cash-flow from self certification. 

We see Employers think it is easy and they will jump in head first and not understand compliance or indeed learners needs.  Employers can checkout with the help of the Levy calculator at  How many employers have tried to run their own training thinking it is easy, then they call in people like you and I to pick up the pieces. 

We see the Government say that ESF funds going forward will be safe but it is all about Research, Farmers and large institutions.  So where is our voice is it out there saying Education and this only means University

I see the Unemployment training funds going down and down as more goes over to the LEP and the Regional Funds with devolution and many small providers very good at working with the unemployed getting them employment  will go to the wall. 

This with the skills plan which sounds good could take away many areas along with the above and effect the amount of awarding bodies now some may say there are to many but competition is I think good. 

Well now I have put pen to paper so to speak, I start to see even more people will have these thoughts, it important to remember why we do the things we do the  learners and as someone said to me the other day if we were in this for the money we would go and work for Tesco. 


Well EEVT  (East Essex Vocational Training Ltd), is here to help when and how we can, why?  In 1999 I meet a man who lost his job as a Road Sweeper as he could not read or write and they said he could not read the Health and safety Policy this started me winning money to help companies to help people like him.

So as an Industry there are some remarkable people like you who do a great job , so keep going keep doing what you do.