Martin Green Deputy Assistant Director – Skills, Progression and Enterprise. Kirklees Council


Martin has worked extensively in the education, employment and skills arena for 22 years, operating in the public, private and voluntary sectors.

In his current role, he is actively supporting employers and partners across the district to effectively plan for the changes inherent with the introduction of the levy and to take the opportunity to use the new arrangements to their advantage and for the benefit of the wider economy.


Kirklees outperforms many other areas, in terms of the number of people taking up apprenticeship opportunities. The district is renowned for its manufacturing and engineering capacity and 19% of the workforce are employed in this sector alone – almost twice the national average.

Similarly, the Health and Social care sector employs a further 15% of the workforce and across both sectors there are increasing skills and recruitment challenges not least those posed by an ageing and retiring workforce.


Martin will outline how the Council and local partners are addressing the economic challenges of the district and how they hope the Apprenticeship reforms will support the development of a more highly skilled and productive workforce.

Martin will also demonstrate  how the role of the Council, as strategic leader and employer of apprentices, can assist other public and private sector employers to address the challenges, and grasp the opportunities, afforded by the introduction of the Levy.