Head of Apprenticeships at Civil Service Learning

Head of Apprenticeships

Civil Service Learning

I lead on apprenticeship strategy, design, development and delivery for the Civil Service. The Government is committed to 3 million apprenticeship starts over the course of this Parliament, and my remit is to ensure the Civil Service and the wider public sector delivers its fair share. 

My principal areas of work are:

Strategy: ensuring tens of thousands of high quality apprenticeships between now and 2020

Design: working across sectors as a lead employer to design and deliver cutting edge apprenticeship standards in leadership and management and digital technology

Development: supporting departments, professions and functions to design new standards in key technical areas to build capability and facilitate a skills drive in the wider economy

Procurement and supplier management: helping the Civil Service to work with the best suppliers, securing the most cost-effective solutions and offering our customers a diverse, flexible and modern way to deliver 21st century services and solutions

Learning and training: enabling the whole of the Civil Service to enjoy a world class learning offer for all grades, all backgrounds and all professions

Talent management: managing the learning and training for the prestigious Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship schemes

Research and analysis: ensuring that my team and I deliver solutions to meet capability gaps within the Civil Service, developing apprentices to build skills within which have relevance and currency in the wider economy and supporting and enabling the prosperity of the UK